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We are so happy you are here!

Deliciously Ordinary is a floral and freelance studio that finds delight in unexpected places.  Let us delight you!




Deliciously Ordinary is a floral + freelance design studio specializing in out of the box fresh florals and curated experiences. Our super power is seeing something magical in EVERYTHING and we are passionate about bringing that lens into events! Taking your ordinary moments and turning them into something delicious is what we do. 


After starting Deliciously Ordinary in 2012 as an umbrella for all things creative DO has slowly evolved, grown, expanded, and moved with the rhythm of our lives.  


In 2018, I launched Deliciously Ordinary full time with an emphasis on event staging and design, shortly after adding fresh florals.  Over the next several years it pivoted with my passions and the times.  In 2021 Tim was able to return to our umbrella gig and join me to run DO full time.  With an expansive background in all things art we spent that year exploring what this new chapter looked like for the business.  

Today Deliciously Ordinary is a fresh floral + freelance design studio that follows the lead of the wind.  


Fresh flowers?  We got you!

An art installation or mural?  Let's do it!

Wedding + Event Design?  Party time!

Freelance branding + marketing? Let's chat! 

As you may already know we aren't really into tiny little boxes that require 'should' and 'should nots' and prefer saying YES to anything that speaks to us flows with our family.  

Speaking of family, we share this beautiful chaotic life with our three not so little anymore littles, Gentry (13), Deacon (9) and Windsor (7).  We also have a sweet critters we treat like bbs Avila, our pooch and our kitten Clipsy.

never simple

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