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FAQ | Weddings


Why don’t you offer packages/base prices?

I am frequently asked about packages or base pricing. Due to the unique nature of each wedding, every quote is specific to the client's needs. This allows me to make adjustments to take into consideration specific florals they do/do not want, budget, desired design, etc. The initial quote is always a rough draft/launching pad to develop a contract that best fits their needs.


Do you do silk/faux florals?

No, we only work with fresh florals.


Do I get to see images of everything ahead of time?

Due to the nature of fresh florals, we do not provide images ahead of time. Also, we are not professional photographers so sending sub-par images within hours of delivery won’t necessarily provide an accurate depiction of what you are getting. We work hard to review all of the details with you ahead of time and have you provide extensive inspiration images to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re vision is and to guarantee our clients are happy!


What all do you do?

We essentially provide as much or as little as you are looking for in terms of florals and décor. Whether that is exclusively bridal party florals or decorating from start to finish we curate your contract to your needs.


Do you do setup and teardown?

In short, yes, but this is dependent on client needs. Our standard is that we set up any of the florals and décor we are providing. Some clients opt to do pick up or delivery only to save on cost while others opt to have us do full setup/teardown (including items they provide) so they can enjoy their day without any hassle. 


What do we get to keep?

This is dependent on your specific contract. Take for example centerpieces, may clients opt to have a vessel that they can keep so at the end of the night they can have guests take them or they can enjoy them for the next week or two. Beyond fresh elements, custom signage is also for clients to keep. Most of the additional décor is provided on a rental basis which will be included in your contract and we will review with you.

Can we add or remove things from our contract once we pay the deposit?

Yes and this is actually pretty standard and to be expected. As long as it does not go below your deposit amount you can remove items. This allows us to adjust quantities as RSVP’s come in and additional details are firmed up.


How long will my flowers last?

This is dependent on a few factors.

  1. Type of flowers used: for the weekly florals we typically use heartier florals that will last longer, where wedding florals that isn't necessarily the top priority. 

  2. The type of design/vessel. Our weekly florals are made in a vessel where stems are placed directly in the water while we occasionally use foam for weddings and events.  Florals in foam have a much shorter life.

  3. Floral care upon receiving.  Flowers should have their stems cut and water replaced every few days. With all that being said your florals should last a minimum of a week. The blooms will also turn at different rates so as some start to look sad you can pull them out and allow the happier blooms to continue to brighten your home. 

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