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Pop up picnics

because, duh

Camping has glamping.

Mealtime has picnics.

A Deliciously Ordinary picnic includes everything you need to show up and enjoy! 

Our Pop Up Picnic ($150) includes setup/teardown of the following items for up to 4 guests:

picnic blanket

floor pillows


Fresh florals


cloth napkin



Snack + Beverages


How it works

Deliciously Ordinary will handle all of the setup and teardown for your Pop Up Picnic.  We will chat with you and review your desired picnic details, ie time/date/location/food add ons/etc.  On the day of your picnic you will show up to your prestyled setup and have up to 2 hours to enjoy.  After that you can head off to your next adventure!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Snacks, please!

We have coupled with local vendors to provide, what else, a charcuterie board!  Included you will find a variety of cheese, crackers, and fruit. 


Want something different or specific on/with your board?  Let us know and we will develop a custom


Picnic availability is Mon-Fri & Sun within 15 miles of Carterville.

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