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One of the most common questions I receive from clients are about boutonnieres. These macro floral goodies are often approached as an afterthought but can totally add the sweetest detail to your special day. They basically belong in a category with garden gnomes and forest fairies, they're cute as all get out. Here are six boutonniere considerations:

1. WHO gets these mini blooms?

This detail is definitely not set in stone, so you have a lot of flexibility on who does/does not receive a boutonniere. It is common for parents, grandparents, ceremony readers and ushers to receive these. This isn't to say that Great Uncle Bob isn't totally deserving of this gesture. This is one of those loosy goosy deets you can go big or minimal with.

2. ALTERNATIVES to traditional boutonnieres?

While there isn't a ton of flexibility with the placement of a boutonniere you can get creative with the type of detail you add onto the lapel. These text bouts are LIFE. You can also incorporate elements like fabric, fruits/veggies, paper, felt, metals, etc.

3. LABELING your boutonnieres

Photography Jen Fariello Photography, Florist Beehive Events

Many florists will label these with recipient names but occasionally they do not. This can lead to serious groomsmen mayhem so to avoid the scramble be sure to ask your florist if they label them. If not ask if they can or designate someone to handle this detail to avoid bout chaos!


Credit: Floral Sweet Annie Floral Design, Photog Ruth Eileen Photography

While boutonnieres are typically worn on the lapel of a coat they can be worn on a shirt as well. With that being said, they don't always want to lay nicely and if you forego the coat it's not a bad idea to forego the bout as well. Another option is suspenders, where the bout snugs right up and lays their head down like a babe taking a nap.

6. WHERE and HOW do these pin on?

Boutonnieres are worn on the left side where the lapel buttonhole is. If you need a quick tutorial on how to pin on your bout here is a great video by Pollen to show you how its done!

You'd be hard pressed to go wrong in the boutonniere department but this short list should make the task easy peasy!

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