We have dreams of adorning everyone with flower crowns as far as the eye can see so until then we will start with you!  


These are great for any special occasion, ie baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc!  


Size Options

Petite | Our Petite Flower Crown is made simple and sweet.  It is created with less stems and has a more delicate aesthetic.  


Bliss | Our  Bliss Flower Crown means celebratory business!  It incorporates more stems and has a much fuller look.  


Palette Options 

Bright + Bold | These crowns will incorporate a vibrant combination of hues.

Light + Airy | These will include more natural, organic colors.  


Order Details 

  • Orders must be submitted 2 days prior to pickup date.
  • Special floral requests will be taken into consideration but are not guaranteed.  
  • Crowns are made approximately 22-24", fits most.  **Please let us know if this is for an infant**






Flower Crown

PriceFrom $45.00