**This is for our floral delivery outside of our included 15mile range and has a $10 delivery fee included.**


Brighten your home + week with fresh florals! 


Florals will vary with the changing seasons but each bloom will be carefully selected to bring you lots of joy!


All of our arrangements are made with love and intention.  While they will be designers choice we guarantee they will be true to the DO aesthetic you have come to know and love.  


**Order Details**

  • Delivery provided Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm
  • We do not reserve specific delivery times
  • Orders must be submitted  no later than 2pm the day prior to delivery (ie 2pm on Tuesday for a Wednesday delivery)
  • In the event that no one is on site to receive flowers (and weather permitting) they will be left on a porch or area that appears appropriate.

Fresh Flower Delivery | 15-30 Miles

PriceFrom $55.00
  • Once order is submitted no refunds will be issued.  Please contact us with any questions.