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Social media can be a funny bird.  
Lucky for you we speak fluent funny bird.

Like, literally

what are you talking about?

Our Social Brand Candy is a social media service designed to assist small businesses + creative entrepreneurs with their social media presence. Here's how we do it...


Vision Spin with us Our initial meeting we arrive as a sponge. In order to tell your story we need to know it. This will be the time to dig into the meat and potatoes of what your biz is, how it breathes and moves from start to finish. This will be our time to receive the creative fuel from you.


We meet again Following our initial meeting we will schedule a creation session where we will gather and make our digital content.


Back at the candy factory (Okay, so it's not a literal candy factory but wouldn't that be epic?! ) After meeting,vision spinning, collecting and ruminating we will take all the goods and develop your Social Brand Candy. This will include a minimum of 8 social media posts + captions


Candy in hand After we have developed your Social Brand Candy we will outline your Content Calendar and provide a custom-to-you guide on best practices for using your new content.


For those looking for additional social media support we offer a Spin 60 add-on to buy our brain for a bit! 
These are one hour sessions that can be used for vision spinning and idea development, graphic design, marketing materials and beyond! 

Social Brand Candy | starting at $650
Spin.60 | $50/session

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